Group & VIP Bookings

Explore the magic of the UAE with your loved ones, colleagues, or enjoy a private VIP tour just for you and your chosen companions.

Are they right for me?

Who is it for?

Group Tours

Our Group Tours are perfect for those seeking a shared adventure with friends, family or colleagues. Whether you’re planning a special day out or creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones, The Yellow Boats offers a memorable experience for groups of all sizes.

VIP Tours

Our VIP Tours cater to those in search of a premium, private adventure. Whether you want to create a romantic experience for two, showcase your city to visiting family and friends, or indulge in a tailored, exclusive journey, The Yellow Boats ensures a memorable VIP experience, fully customizable to your desires.

Custom tours

Customise your experience

With The Yellow Boats, you have the flexibility to personalize every aspect of your journey. Tailor your adventure by selecting your preferred destinations, highlighting must-see attractions, and choosing travel dates that align perfectly with your group’s or VIP party’s unique requirements. Make your experience truly one-of-a-kind.


Is there a min/max number of people?

Each of our boats can take either, 10, 11, or 14 guests, but if you have a bigger group, we will simply book more of our boats, so that you can enjoy our own private Yellow Boats fleet on the water.

Alternatively, there is no minimum number of people for a Group or VIP booking, so if you fancy a solo Yellow Boats tour, you can have one!

Where do I sign up?

How to make a booking?

To make a Group or VIP booking, you can contact our booking team via the form below, or call us on 800 892 or international call +971 4 432 8543.

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